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Halloween is more than just pumpkin carving and sweets, with Hemway you are open to much more. We have put some simple, satisfying, sparkly creations together, let us know your favorite and make sure to tag us in any pieces you make! 


How pretty are these pumpkins! These are great if you love the glitz and glam, and less of the scare and spook. Created using Hemway craft glitter by @glittercreationsbylou on Instagram.


Hemway Crafts-

Like the below? We transformed these basic supermarket items, into pretty house hold ornaments and so can you. 

What you need- 

  • Hemway Craft, or Ultra Sparkle Glitter

  • Hemway Clear Glitter Glaze

  • Paint Brush 

  • Object of your choice to decorate. 

  • Old newspaper to catch any mess.


1. Find an item you want to decorate. This could be children's trick or treating bags, skeletons, witches, pumpkins, skulls, spiders, bats, anything! Literally. 

2. Prepare your work space, lay down old newspaper or blanket, anything to prevent any mess from getting anywhere.

3. Open Hemway Clear Glitter Glaze, use a paintbrush to cover the item with the glaze. Don't put too much as it will become tacky and take a long time to dry.

4. Next, open up your packet of Hemway Ultra Sparkle Glitter. We have 5 different sizes- (Microfine, Ultrafine, Fine, Chunky and Extra Chunky), you can pick what colour and size you want to use. We chose Ultrafine 💫

5. Sprinkle the glitter over your Halloween item. Find what works best for you- we found that gently blowing the glitter from the palm of your hands, onto the ornament is good for reaching them awkward places. 

6. Leave it to dry it can take up to 3 hours. 

7. After, check if it has dried, if there are any gaps, go over them with more glaze and glitter, again blowing.

8. Finally you have a beautifully sparkling ornament! Try placing it under the light, or on a windowsill where the light shines and watch the Hemway glitter illuminate 😍 

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