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Hemway Glitter Sizes

Hemway Glitter Sizes!

Hemway has a wide range of glitters which range from sizes of Super Chunky down to Microfine glitter.

A size guide for our glitters

Hemway has always wanted to make sure no matter why you wanted to use our glitter that it fits everyone's needs. We decided that six sizes was a great way to do this as a wide array of glitter is great for glitter niches you may have. The six sizes of glitter Hemway has is over seven products types. The sizes of our glitter are listed below:

1) Super Chunky
2) Extra Chunky
3) Chunky
4) Fine
5) Ultra Fine
6) Micro Fine

Some of Hemway's seven products types are chalk paint, automotive paints, grouts, and cosmetics. Not only do we have many uses for our glitter but it's all eco-friendly and vegan friendly. Why not try a chunky mix of our multi-purpose Ultra Sparkle Glitter, for festivals and parties or take your arts, crafts and cosmetics to a whole new level. Let yourself sparkle with everything glittery in everything your heart desires!

Check out our product sizing chart:

Sizes Inches Shapes
Super Chunky 1/8" Hexagon
Extra Chunky 1/24" Hexagon
Chunky 1/40" Hexagon
Fine 1/64" Hexagon
Ultrafine 1/128" Hexagon
Microfine 1/256" Hexagon