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Hemway Glow in the Dark Powder Pigment

Hemway Glow in the Dark

Hemway's glow in the dark powder is great for a wide range of things from arts and crafts to the use on nails. Hemway also has glow in the dark glitter where the one of the intentions was to make it more kid friendly and let them get more involved with arts and crafts. Whilst having this it gives you have a choice between the powder and glitter, we always want to give an option so you can pick happily.

Powder packets with the glow of the colour around it


1) To get started what you will need to do is place the glow powder under a strong light. Whilst doing this you should take into consideration the time you give it under a strong light, as you don't want to be having to wait for long periods of times for your glow powder to start glowing. Whereas, Hemway's premium ultimate glow in the dark powder absorbs light energy in under 30 minutes. The type of light you put this powder under is up to you where you can use natural direct sunlight or you could use an artificial light, this artificial light could be a UV black light. Place in darkness and watch the magical glow!

2) Our pigment powder is is highly photo-luminescent which has a very long afterglow. The magical glow provides great fun for kids in creating slime and Halloween decorations. Once you have your slime at a point where it is nearly ready to start playing with but then you just feel like you are missing something then add in some of Hemway's glow powder, this will create a really cool effect as you will now have slime that is able to glow in the dark. Once it's all set and your slime is now glowing you are able to mould it into any shape you want to make. If you need some ideas why not check out some of our other products (as its not just glow powder you can use in slime) that have been used in slime by a Youtuber who goes by the name of JSH DIY check it out here.

3) Our powder can be used in water-based items such as acrylic varnish, clear wood glue, and wallpaper paste. These again give you the opportunity to choose how you would like to use your glow powder. As well as those listed our products can also be used in solvent-based items like varnish, clear resin, nail varnish and many more.

Hemway's Top Tip: Place the powder in a bowl. You'll want to place 1 part powder to 5 parts paint (or 20% by volume to glow powder to paint medium). Gradually pour your paint medium over the powder in your bowl. Carefully stir the mixture. You can add more paint to achieve a thinner consistency.

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