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How to use Hemway Glitter Sealant

Hemway Glitter Sealant is very easy to use and is ready to add sparkle to your kitchen or bathroom in minutes. 

There are some simple steps, that you need to take, to make sure that you are getting the very best from your sealant.

Step 1. Prepare your tools

To use Hemway Glitter Sealant, you will need:

  • Hemway Glitter Sealant
  • A caulking gun
  • A sharp knife (for removing the end of the nozzle)
  • A sponge (for cleaning the area)

Step 2. Clean the surface

Make sure that your joint is completely clear of debris and marks. Use the sponge and some warm water to clean the intended area and then dry with kitchen towel or a clean cloth.

Step 3. Place the sealant in caulking gun

Place the sealant into your caulking gun and tighten using the handle. Be careful not to overtighten, you just need enough pressure to hold the sealant in place. Attach the nozzle by screwing it onto the end of the sealant tube. 

Step 4. Open the tube

Use a sharp knife to cut the end of the nozzle. For a small bead of sealant, cut the nozzle closer to the end that's furthest away from you. For a larger bead, cut the nozzle closer to the tube.

Step 5. Apply sealant

Place the end of the nozzle at one end of your joint and then slowly squeeze the handle, whilst simultaneously moving the end of the nozzle across the joint, to get an even flow of sealant. Once the sealant is in place, you can either leave a rounded bead or carefully work it into the joint, with your finger. 

Step 6. Allow time to dry

A 6mm bead of sealant will take 24 hours to dry and a 7-12mm bead will take 48 hours. After the curing time, the sealant will feel firm but will also flex when your press it.