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Up-cycling Old Furniture

Giving New life to Old Furniture!

Hemway has a wide range of products for you to be able to revamp your furniture and it gives you endless opportunities for all of your projects.

chalk based furniture paint on a before and after picture of a desk

Hemway wants to not only give you the products to be able to make something new but also the opportunity to re-cycle things in your house. if you look at something in your house and its colour has drained or faded away you know it’s time to give it an uplift with the special Hemway touch. Some of the furniture that can be up-cycled are:

1) Work Countertops
2) Benches
3) Desks
4) Lamps
5) Cupboards
6) Tables and Chairs

This list above is only a few things that can be up-cycled but there are many other things especially if you have something in your house that is either walls, furniture, wood or brick. Hemway also offer other types of materials that you are able to paint on such as plaster, plastic, metal and old paint or varnish. However, there is more objects and materials than the ones listed so you are not limited to just these ones.

Check out some of our images below: