All of Hemway's paint ranges are certified child safe. You can rest assured that your chosen Hemway paint is completely safe to use in all areas of the home. There are no dangerous ingredients in any of our paint ranges. 


Hemway paints are child safe and conform with: ASTM F963-16, EN 71-3:2019 + A1:2021, SOR 2011-17 Safety Standards because we want the best for our customers.

You just need to make sure you keep out of reach of children when applying so they don't get covered in wet paint!

Safe to use in all areas of the home
Rest assured your little ones are protected

Safety for children

Every Hemway paint range has been specially formulated for modern homes. They're designed to be tough and resistant to wear and tear. 

Hemway Paints are ideal for the family home as they are durable and so walls and painted woodwork can be cleaned.

Our paints are Low VOCs, are kind to the environment and conform to ASTM F963-16, EN 71-3:2019 + A1:2021, SOR 2011-17 Safety Standards. 

They are completely safe for use in children's rooms and all areas of the family home so rest assured your child is safe.



Hemway understands the importance of keeping your children safe and so we test all of our paint products to make sure they meet the requirements of European Union, USA and Canada safety standards.

These certifications are:

ASTM F963-16 (USA)

EN 71-3:2019 + A1:2021 (European Union)

SOR 2011-17 (Canada)

You can paint your children's walls, their cot, bedside furniture with our paints because they are safe to breath and be around thanks to Hemway's commitment to product testing and safety. 


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By Paddy West
Published: 13 May 2024

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