Hemway grout products include ready mixed grout; Hemway's pre-mixed grout solution, available in 4 colours, ready mixed glitter grout; our pre mixed grout but bursting with ultra shiny, glitter flakes and grout dye powder pigment; a huge array of colours for incredible grout colours.

With Hemway grout products you can create all kinds of colourful and unique looks for your kitchen and bathroom tiles. Be the envy of your friends by creating a sensational colour scheme with your tiles and custom-coloured grouts.

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Ready Mixed Grout

Hassle free ready mixed grout with active heat and mould resistant antibacterial properties. Made from the highest quality acrylic for use in all interior and exterior grouting and tile fixing. Grouting coverage of 15m² and a fixing coverage of 2.25m² with a set time of 24 hours when applied within the workable temperatures of -20°C and 50°C (-4°F and 86°F). Once cured can withstand temperatures of 230°C (446°F). Hemway Grey Mixed Fix and Grout is British made, vegan, cruelty free and easy to use.

Ready Mixed Glitter Grout

Take All the Effort Out of Decorating with Our Ready Mixed Glitter Crystal Fix & Grout! Ready Mixed, & Ready to Go. Our Glitter Crystal Fix & Grout is Here to Help! Specially Designed Using only the Finest Quality, Grade A ingredients. 100% . Mould Proof & Water Resistant.

Grout Dye Powder Pigment

Powdered grout colourant for transforming tiles with high colour concentration technology. Add a range of colours to your grout applications in tiling bathrooms and kitchens. The highly pigmented mica particles within the dye reflect light and emit a metallic colourful shimmer to bring your grout to life. The reflective microscopic crystals within the pigment give a bright and long-lasting sparkling colour.