Have you ever asked yourself how do you create the coolest, most contemporary design for any bathroom?

That's simple! Hemway's Glitter Grout Additive is a stunning, bespoke range of carefully blended in four classic shades to mirror any luxury bathroom emporium anywhere on the globe. Best of all, you can have that right in the comfort of your own home.

Here are four of our bestselling, carefully compounded glitter particles that when mixed into standard bathroom grout create a spectacular visual pleasure to the eye that'll wow your guests when they come over for tea!

Exquisite Gold

Journey through the deepest precious golds of the Sahara Desert that glint and sparkle in the sunlight with one of our bestselling colours in our exquisite Gold range. This has fast become increasingly popular with the modern home décor consumer looking to push the boundaries outside of traditional grout usage. By using Gold they have created enviable finishing touches to their bathroom and kitchen using Hemway's Glitter Grout Additive.

Daring Black

Take an adventurous trip out into the starlit sky's deep in the Peruvian mountains with the beautiful and daring Black Glitter Grout Additive, another product that has earned its place as one of Hemway's best-selling Glitter Grout products. Think of Black think of 5 star luxury hotel decor direct to your home bathroom. Let yourself float away immersed In an exotic hot bath, while the dark skies glisten throughout your bathroom... after all, what could be more luxurious then that?

Sashaying Silver

Enjoy dancing the night away in a star-studded ballroom with the chandeliers sparkling and flickering in the light? Then you'll get something akin to Hemway's Silver Glitter Grout Additive. It will seriously feel like the ballroom is in your own bathroom and kitchen at home! Immerse in the beauty that is this stunning crushed Silver glitter brings by adding grout to a normal bathroom to bring out all the colours and tones of the room, making it feel alive. The mirage of beautiful silver flecks create a luxury feel to any colour scheme and your handy-work will stun your friends. And it's no surprise that Hemway's Silver Glitter Grout Additive has landed a position in the Glitter Grout Hall of Fame. It's an accolade that's well-deserved.

Stunning Silver Holographic

Finally, Hemway's showpiece, and something for those who really want to take designer home décor to the next level, is the incredibly stunning Silver Holographic Glitter Grout Additive. The holographic rainbow effect created by crystals in the paint diffract white light, splitting it into a colour spectrum and give it an appearance of a variety of different colours. Nothing could be more chic! Silver Holographic Glitter Grout has become an integral member of the Hemway's Glitter Grout family, and is another hugely popular seller for those who want to stand out of the crowd.

Which glitter grout experiences will you indulge in?

Using Hemway's Glitter Grout Additive couldn’t be easier all you need to do is add the product to any standard grout and apply where required.

You could also continue enjoying the Hemway Glitter Grout experience by using Ready Mixed Glitter Crystal Fix & Grout. As it says on the tin, the glitter is pre-mixed into the grout making the process even more simple to transform your living space into a stunning and contemporary space worthy of a place in a specialized home décor magazine. This leading home décor product comes in two base grout colours and is available in Gold and Silver Glitter. It's incredibly easy to use, makes your grouting Instagram photo-worthy and you can have some fun designing and creating your own luxury living space.

By Jonny Lewis
Published: 26 Jul 2023

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