Hemway DIY products are designed to the highest specifications with premium quality in mind. We pride ourselves on creating the very best products to meet our customers' various, DIY needs.

Premium Interior Acrylic Matt Paint by Hemway is the highest quality, luxury, acrylic paint available, with ultra-long-lasting colour technology. The smooth matt luxury finish of this water-based paint makes it perfect for interior walls and ceilings.

Ready Mixed Fix and Grout will save you the time and mess of mixing grout yourself. Made from the highest quality acrylic, it's water-resistant and mould-resistant - perfect for glazed wall tiles.

Premium All-In-One Sealant & Adhesive by Hemway uses the most advanced polymer technology for sealing and bonding. It is the next generation of all-in-one sealant and adhesive with a revolutionary formulation that combines the flexibility of silicone predecessors, the paintability features of acrylic caulk and the ultra-high strength grab of adhesives.